Kate is fully on the trousers train right now — a phrase I just made up, and to be honest, it’s not a good phrase but I’m too lazy to delete it and think of something new — and she is (per the Royal Fashion Twitter Brigade) wearing her Gucci blouse backwards. What is happening over there at Kensington Palace?! Pants! Backwards tops! Cats and dogs together! Mass hysteria! Anyway: for my money is this is….fine! It is workmanlike! I like the color of the blouse (it also comes in green); I appreciate that she’s wearing pants more often as I decided that I too might try to wear pants more often (rather than jeans) just to mix it up, and she knew she was going to be crawling around on the ground with kids, so pants were a must. (My theory is also that these are the only pair of non-jeans that she owns.) Mostly, I am here insanely cute videos with tiny babies. Like, excuse me, but these twins are EXTREMELY CUTE:

Kate’s got another gig tonight — A GALA — so prepare thyself for a gown later today.

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