This is, first and foremost, a note from me to you that if you haven’t seen Love & Friendship, you should watch it. (It’s streaming if you have Amazon Prime.) It was one of my favorite movies of last year, and last year had some good movies. In general, I think Kate Beckinsale is sort of underrated. She was charming in the Branagh Much Ado About Nothing, she was great in Last Days of Disco, she really did the best she could with Pearl Harbor. I have a fondness for her, and also kind of want her and Elizabeth Hurley to make a sort of AbFab-inspired sister comedy where they have to go on the lam after murdering Michael Sheen (he’d be into it; they seem to have an amicable co-parenting situation at this point, and I know from the Twilight movies that he is NOT afraid to chew some scenery).  I have my doubts about this dress as a dress on its own merits, but I also have to admit that I think she’s really making it work.

She changed for the afterparty into this Marchesa:

Which, frankly, is ALSO good.  Keep it up, madam.

[Photo: Getty Images]