It’s an enormously big deal to close any show, but especially Marc Jacobs, which is usually the emotional and celebrity climax of New York Fashion Week and — due to his fondness for showmanship — is one of the most-analyzed of the city’s entire fashion scene. It feels like a seal of approval of Kaia Gerber, and I suspect that means we’ll see her overseas very soon, if she isn’t booked there already. (Marc also helped rubber-stamp Kendall Jenner’s modeling career, which began in earnest in 2014 with a Givenchy-Marc Jacobs-Chanel gauntlet.)

The show itself was staged in silence — no music, nothing but the clothing noises, which I have to say is one of the coolest parts of attending a fashion show in person. I remember at Jenny Packham one year, I had a great seat, and the rustling of fabrics and clinking of paillettes was as enthralling as the soundtrack itself. Also, all these models got to wear flats, for which — after a busy week — I assume all of them wrote effusive thank-you notes.