Julia has a ten-episode psychological thriller coming up in November called Homecoming, which, unless it REEKS, is virtually certain to net her a Golden Globe nomination, right? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves Amazon shows, and it really loves A-list celebrities, so it’s really really going to love as many chances as it can get to invite Julia to the party. (And it feels relevant to note that Dermot Mulroney is this, as is the here-pictured Bobby Cannavale, who seems to have teased up his hair to make sure he got a greater height advantage.) Julia was on the TCA trail and I did enjoy this comment as reported in the LA Times:

“I guess I didn’t really think of it as small screen, big screen. I don’t know — my television is pretty big,” she said.

I know that could read as jerky, if you want it to, but I appreciated it as a wink at how outdated that bias is. I have always been an aficionado and admirer of TV, because of how hard it is to sustain plot and character arcs across that many hours, and sometimes (ideally) year after year. Even a half-hour sitcom, in an atypically short 8-episode season, amounts to four continuous hours of motion and development. So it was fun to hear her jab a little as this idea of movies as the bigger and better medium, when TV can be equally or even more satisfying.

As for her suit… I like the idea of it, but I wish I’d only ever seen her sitting down. The pants strike me as frumpy. I might wish she’d worn it with a marginally mini skirt — not too short but not knee-length either — but if we’re going with trousers, I think the pants needed to be slimmer to offset the boxiness of the blazer. Otherwise it’s like she’s borrowing from someone else’s closet, which… I mean, Pretty Woman alone should still be paying to keep her in her very own pants.

[Photo: Todd Williamson/January Images/REX/Shutterstock]