As best I can tell, this event is sponsored by Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Arts Society, which I think started as her own record label and then grew into more of a philanthropic collective? (But that website is eight years old and steers people to a domain that no longer exists. Wondaland, you need a Wikipedia page.) Anyway, families in need were able to register for a slot at Wondalunch, and drive through this weekend to receive no-contact boxed lunches, baby supplies, and school supplies. It’s a GREAT idea, and I hope they’re able to do more of them.

First, yes, Janelle’s billowing kilt-pants are crazy. She is like walking bagpipes. But, in addition to the fact that I suspect she always wears kooky loungewear, Janelle is also smart. Janelle has a reputation. Anyone driving through #Wondalunch and eager to get a glimpse of her is going to be so bummed out of she’s just wearing, like, lululemon and some Pumas. This is perfectly on-brand; it’s JUST goofy enough, but also totally believable that she would be like, “What? I wear these every Saturday. So ROOMY.”

Second, these two look like a very simpatico good time. Third, and this is important: Maxine’s mask says, “Reclaiming Our Vote with Auntie Maxine.” Brilliant. As of now, I can’t see them for sale anywhere, but what a fundraiser THAT would be.

[Photo: Getty]