As we watched the Met Gala red carpet fill up and flow, Jess and I realized we hadn’t seen or heard anything from Dolce & Gabbana. Since Anna Wintour painstakingly oversees who wears what, and which designers have tables and/or how many seats, it seemed like it could be intentional? Unlikely, but perhaps possible…? (I cannot take credit for this: Someone on Twitter cracked that D&G simply blew all their cash on the Venice fashion show.) Then, deep into the evening, a statement came out noting that Iman’s resplendent gold Harris Reed gown was “created with the support of” Dolce & Gabbana, per D&G themselves. So… funded by? Curated with? Harris Reed is a designer who works a lot with Harry Styles and they just won a GQ award (Harris chooses to be fluid with pronouns, but those who interviewed them last night seem to be using they/them), but maybe the partnership is the only way Harris’s vision could come to life? Can someone ELSE please throw cash around like it’s confetti?!? Sigh.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]