Before we get into 2014 in earnest, we decided to take a more focused look back at a couple people who put together very nice fashion years in 2013. These aren’t absolute choices, nor exhaustively researched ones; just the people who, when we were looking for our favorite and least-favorite single looks, seemed to pop up a lot in our “win” columns.

Jessica declared Lupita her official style crush of the year, which is pretty good considering that we’d never heard of her until about September. Of all the red-carpet newbies,┬áLupita Nyong’o jumped out the most, gracefully navigating the end of 2013 — and its onslaught of 12 Years a Slave events and assorted other invitations — with bright and bold and pretty clothes complemented by great makeup and/or smart shoe choices. They aren’t always perfect choices, but they’re always intriguing, and so enviably self-assured. We’re a TINY bit scared what will happen once all the really fancy couture designers realize what a muse she could be, but let’s hope her obvious natural good sense reigns for years.