So Linda here is in a movie called The Curse of Llorona, which is about the legendary ghost story that TERRIFIED ME as  a child whose favorite book was called Haunted California, a book I read compulsively despite being very scared of all the stories in it. There was one about a haunted bank that I have NEVER forgotten, because the story was that a child had died in a fire (or something) in the building that previously stood on the bank’s land, and she hovered in the air at the bank not to be creepy or whatever but because the original building had a much taller foundation and this poor scary ghost child was confused about where the floor was actually supposed to be. (In retrospect, it’s very on brand that my most memorable California ghost involved architectural logistics.) ANYWAY none of that has really anything to do with what Linda’s wearing, except that when I saw the photo set for this event, I misread that the premiere itself  as the cursed thing — like, “The Curse of La Llorona’s Premiere” —  and I thought, “yikes, that’s harsh! This isn’t so bad! Sure, she looks kind of like a fancy chair, but I’ve seen worse. I wouldn’t say she looked CURSED at this premiere.” More interestingly to me: What’s happening with Linda, globally-speaking? She spent the ENTIRE press junket and awards season round of Green Book looking boring, and then showed up at the Oscars in FULL KOOKSVILLE and now this. Did she wake up after the SAG Awards and think, “Linda! What are you doing with yourself?! You’re not a little ghost child haunting a very dull bank! LIVE A LITTLE!”

[Photos: Sara De Boer/]