Mindy Kaling is a bright spot in this, our time of national gloom, because she keeps serving up cheerful photos from her backyard that have actual OUTFITS in them. REAL HONEST TO-GOD OUTFITS. Observe:

She has not only chosen a really cute summer dress, but she’s using the goddamn Bluefly.com Accessory Wall thoughtfully. Shoes, purse, necklace… it’s all so well done.

I am amused that her barbecue does not seem to be on, and that it looks like she’s grilling two very very small chicken tenders that are basically just overambitious nuggets. But I don’t care. That stripey shirt-dress is adorable, and the bright apron coordinates with it and yet — despite being very floral — somehow magically doesn’t clash or overshadow.

I would not MYSELF have invested in what looks like a Liberty-knockoff onesie, but if a person’s hell-bent on it then at least this is again very chipper.

The cardigan and the shirt are in a bit of a squabble, but each on its own is good.

This is her second good hat — they’re definitely of-a-piece, though — and an excellent overall ensemble. It’s like the modern version of Julia Roberts during the polo scene in Pretty Woman.

She has a young daughter, and this whole thing feels tailor-made to DELIGHT a toddler.

And obviously, this was for Pride, and I love it. Keep ‘em coming, Mindy, if your closet knows no depths. Or even if it DOES! Just mix and match. You can even make it terrible. Maybe sometimes AIM for terrible! Our chapped souls need all the balm they can get.