Sarah Jessica Parker wore this ensemble to the GLAAD Awards a day or two before the 2019 Met Gala, and we noted that we hoped this splashy Elie Saab would turn out to be a tame warm-up for the Camp-themed ball. But then SJP did not actually ATTEND that Met Gala, so now it feels like this was her stand-in — the way she exorcised the urge to go big without a Met ticket on her coffee table. For practical red carpet purposes (inasmuch as any red carpet is practical), I think it’s too much on her and want to lop off the sleeves; for a Met Gala, it might have been just right. But I am truly fixated on the head adornment. It seems to be… a blob of flowers. But WHY. Unless a malicious hot glue gun was involved, I’m very perplexed by why she plopped that thing on the back right of her noggin. It doesn’t go with the vibe of the dress, it does not gel with the vibe of her hairdo (which itself doesn’t really have a vibe; I think it should be up), it does not go there on the right, it does not go there in a fight, it does not go there on her hair, it does not go there anywhere. It does not right there need to be, it does not go there, SJP.

[Photo: Shutterstock]