I was thinking this weekend about my favorite books from my childhood and I think they are Little WomenEmily of New Moon (just barely beating out Anne Shirley; please believe me when I tell you that I do love Anne with all my heart, but I think of Emily every day when I consider not making my bed but instead “airing it out”), Harriet the Spy, and the Anastasia Krupnik books. (I do not think it is a coincidence that every one of these books is about a girl writer.) And therefore I am VERY excited about the Little Women movie, as I hear it is extremely good. (I do love the ’94 version; I remember seeing it in the theatre and literally crying through the entire movie. I must have been going through it in ’94.) It doesn’t open until Christmas Day — apt, as Little Women is a Christmas book in my mind — but the New York screening was this weekend. AND I HAVE QUESTIONS.

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