And she might not totally like it? But here’s the thing: When I saw this first photo in tiny thumbnail form, I mis-identified Ophelia as Felicity Jones, and I thought, “FINALLY, Felicity does something interesting.” Sadly for Felicity, I was incorrect. (I mean, in fairness, I do not know what Felicity Jones is doing right this moment. It may well be interesting but the outfit she’s sporting probably isn’t.) However, I decided that this mistaken identity is actually an opportunity. Ophelia Lovibond, British actress late of Elementary, among other things, could take it upon herself to create the follow-up to GFY Favorite Fictional Reality Show, Celebrity Shoe Intervention with Uzo Aduba. It will be called Fictionality Jones, and it will just be Ophelia Lovibond popping out wearing something that would look good on Felicity Jones, twirling around so that everyone can get a good sense of her outfit, and then going back to whatever she was doing. It’ll be real short but it could do some real good in this world. Think about it, Ophelia.

[Photos: Getty]