FIRST OF ALL, and the most important thing of all: It has just come to my attention that Beanie Feldstein, whom I love, is going to be on Grey’s Anatomy, which I also love. (It’s very vague as to whether she’s like on it, or just a Scott-Speedman-style guest star. The fact that they’re being vague about this, when she’s playing an intern, make me think that her character will briefly make us all fall in love with her, then tragically die when a helicopter falls on her head.)

Second:  This is not my favorite thing she’s ever worn. (That might be her glorious Oscars dress, and it’s right to sort of ease back into regular red carpet wear after that.) I think there is something going on with her hair that makes it feel a little Dorothy-Before-Oz?

Third: Greta’s dress is cute.

That’s all I’ve got, folks! Talk amongst yourselves!

[Photo: Getty]