We’ve already of course seen the couture collection, so this tends to be more for when celebrities have a daytime photocall in Cannes or have to pop by GMA — although you’ll be depressed to know that there are also a few things in here that revert back to the nightmare days of Raf Simons’s sheer Joe Boxer dresses. (By the way, did we discuss yet that he signed on to co-design Prada?!? He already ruined Dior and Calvin Klein; how many more casualties need there be?!?)

Anyway, some of this is fine, and some of it is…. Vogue said, “There was something almost humble about the collection,” and added, “Real clothes.” And then:

Chiuri, who sat at the table of honor across from Emmanuel Macron at last night’s Élysée Palace dinner for the Paris fashion community, has adopted what some might consider a contrarian attitude for a designer: “I want you to remember the woman—her attitude, her taste—not the designer who made her clothes.”

Riiiight. Keep all of that in mind when you get to, say, slide 18, or 41, or anything else with DIOR stamped on it or the signature logo belt.

Also, I want my hair to do what this model’s is doing. The end.

[Photos: Imaxtree]