I gather Red Sparrow is based on a book about a Russian ex-ballerina who is recruited into what I think of as the K.G.Booty — basically, she’s a spy, but the sexy sex-having kind. They call it “using your body as a weapon.” This outfit does, at least, encapsulate a lot of those things: It’s like lingerie, but with metaphorical prison bars — one might even suggest she is a sparrow in a birdcage; it might be choking her; she looks like she’s wandering into a bar to lure a mark into her lair; her lips are red; and the skirt has a tutu quality thanks to its surprise sheerness:

The US Premiere of Red Sparrow

However, it also looks as stiff and uncomfortable and generally unappealing as all the previews, in which Jennifer tosses on a heavy Russian accent and looks glassy-eyed. And apparently might make out with Joel Edgerton, who is 43 to her 27. Which, whatever, 16 years is not a huge deal, except that he looks rather older with his beard, and Hollywood remains ever so predictable about pairing young actresses with much older men and yet rarely returning the favor for women of a certain age. Let’s get Meryl Streep making out with Alexander Skarsgard, y’all.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]