I have to apologize straight-up: This Ruth Wilson outfit should have been in the 100 Worst Dresses of the Year post, but it was buried in a slideshow behind another not-great dress and I didn’t click deep enough, and just missed it. LOOK AT THIS THING. It is A COMPLETE DISASTER and it needs to rethink its life.

Also, don’t discount The Joe Boxer Dresses — as in, the sheer ones with the underwear bands. I decided to keep the above slideshow just to the ones that were trying something ELSE, but we cant pretend they didn’t happen. They live in a whole separate slideshow that you can view by clicking below. The 2017 crop is basically… all of them except for the first slide. I KNOW. It’s a lot.

How bad was it, friends?

  • Worse than Louis Vuitton, even. (25%, 320 Votes)
  • Standard Dior-level bad (48%, 619 Votes)
  • Things seem to be turning in a better direction (23%, 295 Votes)
  • I'm feeling GOOD actually. (4%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,283

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