I guess she IS our erstwhile (yet forever) queen — she’s been both Elizabeths, at one time or another, and now also Catherine the Great for HBO — so it’s appropriate that Dame Helen should get to drip with dazzling jewels. That is a serious show-stopper.

The Premiere of Sky Atlantic's: 'Catherine the Great' held at the Curzon Mayfair

And those are ENORMOUS wide-legged pants that don’t even look good with the shirt. Objectively, I think this outfit is wacky. And yet my eyes travel reliably back up to her face, via th bling, and I’m back in her thrall. I enjoy imagining that the three photographers in the background are equally dazzled. The lady on the right is all, “OMG, is my hair okay for HELEN FREAKING MIRREN?” The lady in the middle is like, “I … Helen… I can’t… words… blank…” And the dude next to her is thinking, “Tee hee. It’s Dame Helen. I love her. What if she sees me RIGHT NOW and we ride off into the sunset?” To which I say, at least give back the necklace first. You can’t live on the lam from insurance companies.

[Photos: WENN]