Okay, as promised: Yesterday we discussed our favorite go-to holiday recipes. Today, let’s talk about your worst holiday cooking disasters — either ones you perpetrated, or which you witnessed, assuming you can tell those stories without getting in trouble with your loved ones.Most of my gaffes involve holiday pies. I love to bake, but I don’t really eat a ton of pies so I don’t ever practice making them; on Thanksgiving, though, we generally have a variety of people eating with us, and so we like to offer some traditional dessert options if we can. Last year I tried a pumpkin swirl cheesecake, which I made a day ahead and refrigerated, and which was STILL basically runny when I cut into it. Partly I think my oven blows and has a hard time cooking to the center of some dishes, but also, the mini-fridge I had put it in turned out to be on its last legs and wasn’t actually CHILLING anything. In a fit of rage, I hurled it into the garbage, Iain-from-Great British Baking Show style, rather than try to serve the parts which seemed to have set. And I yelled, “I can’t SERVE THIS to HUMANS.”

That’s fairly mild, although it does include a tantrum, at least. But please give us YOUR worst. Or the best of your worst.