I traditionally really like Tadashi Shoji, but I’m not sure this was their most successful collection. For one thing, I found the styling unappealing — no one looks good with greasy hair, not really — but I was also alarmed when I saw the run of show waxing so poetic about “tribal” influences, because that NEVER ends well, and here it seems to have translated to Full Body Henna Tattoo Catsuit, which….????????

To me, Shoji’s client has always seemed like a slightly older, elegant, professional woman who occasionally has need of a bitchin’ cape. I can’t tell if this collection represents an attempt to capture a younger audience, but if so, my question is…why? I know (do I ever) that youth is prized above all in American culture, but your slightly older, elegant professional woman HAS ALL THE MONEY.

[Photos: Tadashi Shoji]