I feel like between Fall, Spring, pre-Fall, Resort, Cruise, and whatever else designers are expected to come up with these days, they must spend their workday in a state of constant carpal tunnel and creative fear. That said, I like the idea of coming up with yet more required collections for our amusement: I demand a Coachella Collection, and a Post-Summer (for days when it’s still too hot to wear your Fall clothes but you’re tired of all your summer clothes, but is different from Pre-Fall because I said so) and a Mid-Winter, which will just be pants with elastic waists because we’ve all been living on gratins for the last four-months. Until those are put into play, though, let’s just enjoy (OR NOT) this one. Unsurprisingly considering the designer, this is the resort collection for the women whose resorts require a lot of formal gowns.

[Photos: Christian Siriano]