I don’t have anything world-shaking to say about this. In fact, the headline pretty well covered it. Padma’s dress and lipstick and shoes are fantastic, and I’m not even THAT mad about how she’s turning her blazer into a shawl? I’ve decided it’s so she can stay warm while we still get a better view of the dress than we otherwise would, and then she’ll either put it on properly or take it fully off like a normal person. It’s good, though. I wish I had a joke. I’m empty. I’m as dry as an overcooked turkey burger. Maybe I’ll close with a haiku.

It’s cooked perfectly.
Well seasoned, full of flavor.
The winner? Padma.

You know what’s coming:
Fug Girls, pack your knives and go.
Nothing to slice here.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]