I’d like to first thank this photo for informing me that there is a new season of Luther on the way — it premieres on New Year’s Day in the UK, but I don’t know if we’re getting it in the US at the same time and the BBC America website is not helpful  — and that apparently Ruth Wilson’s character is back. (I am torn about this; on one hand, she’s fantastic in that part and the show is better with her on it, but on the other, it’s beginning to stretch credulity that she’s still around.) I’d next like to note that while I love how much they clearly love each other, they also look like they’re going to different events — our Sexiest Man Alive appears to be wearing a sweater that says LONE PINE, so I assume he’s going to a Back to the Future fan festival, and I believe Ruth was caught out in the middle of trying on the outfits she’s considering bringing with her on an upcoming Barbie cruise. Just don’t get your tickets mixed up, kids.

[Photo: Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock]