And this is just over the course of like two or three days. Imagine if he stays the whole TIME in Toronto. He’s there right now promoting Jojo Rabbit, which is his Nazi movie in which he plays a Reich-loving kid’s imaginary friend Hitler, who gets increasingly annoyed when said kid befriends a Jewish girl they’re hiding and starts to Learn Things. I enjoyed this paragraph from Collider:

It may seem like a weak, obvious message for a movie in 2019 to say, “Fascism is bad and its followers are overgrown children,” but authoritarianism is catching on worldwide. Demographics are changing, people are emigrating, income inequality is growing, and that leaves a space for fascists to talk about some glorious destiny that will be achieved if only we can exterminate some minority. A kid can hop on YouTube and get a lecture from a white nationalist, so why not fight back with a well-crafted, utterly delightful comedy? If you leave the space open, fascists will come to fill it, so you can’t give them any ground. And wisely, rather than taking fascists on directly and treating them as equals in the vaunted “marketplace of ideas,” Waititi just mocks the shit out of them.

Not gonna lie, I’m curious.

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