Teresa here had a baby in December, I think; I don’t know if her hair always looks like that, or if she’s just riding the wave of great pregnancy tresses for as long as the hormones will carry her. Whatever the answer, I am here for it: That is some Blake Lively hair right there, in all the best ways. It’s a lovely tousled mane. This Leo is covetous.

As for the rest of it: The coat is really dramatic and pretty, while also skewing a trifle older than I think Teresa is (as Tory Burch is wont to do). She left it on indoors for whatever she was doing at AOL Build, so I have to believe it was always intended as part of the outfit, rather than simply something she threw on to cover up. That being the possible case, I wish she’d tucked in the shirt, or worn a shorter one. It’s too baggy and shapeless under there. Even a ribbed white Old Navy tank top would’ve been fine. I really like her flats, too, but — again, assuming the coat was always folded into the overall aesthetic — I think the length of the outerwear needs high heels with it, to offset any accidental stumpification. Alternatively, maybe ask Tory to customize it by chopping it into more of a blazer, but honestly that might make it look TOO much like something your stylish and wealthy grandmother bought in Palm Beach.

What would you do?

[Photo: Backgrid]