Helen is promoting The Miracle Season, a movie based on the true story of an Iowa high school girls’ volleyball team that rallies together after the death of its key player. I saw an ad in which someone proclaimed, “Finally, a sports movie for women!” I crabbily responded — to nobody, as I was alone —  “No, ALL sports movies are FOR women. This is finally a sports movie ABOUT women.” This is going to be a marvelous preview of when I’m 85 and yelling things at the TV no matter what is on it. Anyhoo, that aside, I hope the film does well, and Helen looks super in this very pretty dress — the exception being that I am not here for the shoes. The strap seems way too low for me. I am fine with a peep-toe, but that’s whole-toe, and it’s distracting, like it was a prototype that wasn’t meant to get deployed.

There are also rumors of a Mad About You reunion/revival, to which Helen said simply, “It’s looking interesting.” Between Will & Grace and Roseanne, ratings suggest people’s appetites for these have not waned. But there has to be a line somewhere. For me… well, honestly, W&G is on the other side of that line. It’s excruciating to me. But Mad About You is over there, too. I don’t remember it that clearly, admittedly, but I do recall that while it was tonally fresh at the time, I never really LIKED either Paul or Jamie, and wasn’t particularly rooting for them. And then Helen Hunt won her Oscar, and NBC previewed an episode where Paul was having surgery as being “an unforgettable performance from Academy Award Winner Helen Hunt,” in which she clasped his hand and gave a Very Important Speech about her love for him… and then when I watched the episode, it turned out HE WAS JUST GETTING HIS TONSILS OUT and for some reason this melodramatic misdirect irritated me enough to quit the show. The promo wasn’t their fault, but “I am nothing more or less than what I see in your eyes when you look at me” kind of drove me away. Who knew.

Anyway: Where is your line? Are you mad about this idea, or mad about this idea?

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