I love Robyn. “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Dancing On My Own” are on permanent rotation on all my playlists; she and Olivia Rodrigo are doing a lot for my ears right now. But I don’t just love Robyn for her talent; I also love her for the many, many hours of joy she has brought my eyeballs, and this outfit is tops on that list. It’s one great fabric and one tube of wrapping paper, thrown together and forced into a loveless marriage of convenience. But this is no tidy romance. They clearly NEVER learned to like each other. “How did I get dragged into the middle of this dumb bickering?” Robyn is thinking. “This is why I never come home for the holidays.” This Is Why I Never Come Home For The Holidays, coming soon to whatever is the opposite of the Hallmark Channel. Starring Anne Dudek as Robyn, because the woman herself will be too busy writing an original song for the piece, “Call Your Uber.”

[Photo: Getty]