On the night of the VMAs, when Elizabeth Reaser kindly stepped in to play her role, Kristen Stewart was across the continent in Toronto promoting On The Road — her first non-paparazzi public appearance since The Twipocalypse. And she went big. Remember when Ryan and Reese got divorced, and everyone painted Abbie Cornish as the interloper, and she started going out places frocked like a nun? I applaud Kristen — who has, in by belief unjustly, taken the brunt of the heat for the misdeed with Rupert Saunders while he is inexplicably largely left alone — for stepping onto this red carpet in something bold and brassy and sexy, instead of shuffling out in Puritan garb. It basically says, “I am not broken.” And while, yes, she certainly has her share of culpability, I find the media’s insistence on covering this with a “wanton tart seduces poor married man” aura to be unfair at best. So good for you, K.Stew, for refusing to curl up in a ball. Do I wish you’d done it without also showing off your undergarments? Yes. But as Mick Jagger once said, you can’t always get what you want.

What do you think of K.Stew's dress?

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  • It's not perfect but I love that it's brave (40%, 3,496 Votes)
  • It's empirically great but I think it's TOO brave (3%, 256 Votes)
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Total Voters: 8,660

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