This dress is a cousin to the Malandrino that Lea Michele wore a year ago to the SAGs — well, actually, more of a sibling, since its parent is the same — and I like it just as much.

It’s really youthful, which Julianne hasn’t really had going on lately, what with her decrepit old boyfriend. Okay, I’m kidding. Ryan Seacrest is not decrepit, nor old, but it’s well-documented that we sometimes think she tries too hard to bridge their weird age gap via slightly stodgy fashion. Nothing about that here, though — the pattern is lively and fun, it’s flattering, and her makeup sets it off nicely. The weird thing is, thanks to flashbacks on American Idol, I’ve realized I like both her AND Ryan better as light blondes. Maybe she can get him to go to the salon with her next time.