It is true that I am not totally on the Justin Bieber train. I sometimes get Night Fever, or the kind of fever that can only be cured by more cowbell, but I have avoided the fevers Typhoid, Rheumatic, Yellow, and Bieber. So I can’t really be relied upon to judge this outfit on its merits, because to me, Justin Bieber is only tangentially a person. He’s more of a cartoon character in a strip called Queen Bieb, or something, which has all the earnest flatness of Rex Morgan, M.D., mixed with Foxtrot hair and very possibly the bit of Calvin and Hobbes where the stuffed tiger comes to life. This is where you come in — you’re keeping me honest here, Fug Nation.

Let's keep it to the suit:

  • CHILD. NO. (53%, 6,717 Votes)
  • PRECIOUS BIEBER. YES! (6%, 746 Votes)
  • Could be worse. (21%, 2,652 Votes)
  • He had me until the sneakers. (10%, 1,247 Votes)
  • I'd keep the sneakers and start over with the rest. (8%, 1,049 Votes)
  • BIEBER! FEVER! (2%, 260 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,673

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