I might have Awards Season Blindness — in which nothing makes sense anymore and also I start writing random words that are generally misspelled and eventually everything that comes out of my fingers is like potato pancakes waffle face kombucha — but! I am pretty sure this is good on her:

I mean, right? Yes? Please validate me here. I do keep thinking she either needs a stronger lip or a necklace, to break up the expanse of flesh from forehead to abdomen, but you know what? I almost think either might have been a little cheesy on her, because she’s so small and easily overwhelmed. This might, in fact, be the first time that I could say that Anna Kendrick — whom I love — looks almost…bad-ass adjacent. (Not FULLY bad-ass, as I think she would agree, but delightfully near it.) I’m going to give this to her.

What do you think?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]