I am always so intrigued — read: confused — when people at events stand as though they are on the deck of a sinking ship, all lopsided and akimbo. And it’s doubly weird when they do it, and then, as Natasha is here, hike up a shoulder so that they’re at least on par; it gives them a false linebacker look. Legs crossed in the “I have to use the bathroom” stance I at least understand, because people claim it slims the thighs or somesuch, but this pose just looks like she’s having an epic squabble with gravity and losing.

But what of the clothes? I wish this fit better. It’s a classic case of wanting to tug up on the bodice. And I also wish it didn’t look like a figure-skating costume that consumed seven Grey Goose martinis and a bedspread and then threw them up onto her legs. Click on through to see what else Natasha wore on Grammys weekend, and then we can all hit the comments and talk about our feelings.

Overall, what do you think?

  • She made some awesome choices. (20%, 1,212 Votes)
  • She made some AWFUL CHOICES. (34%, 2,087 Votes)
  • A little from column A, a little from column B (46%, 2,804 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,103

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