This dress is not good.

Barring a miracle or a major staffing change in Team Patton, it’s never going to be very good. But at least this one just looks like she stole something that was intended for Katy Perry, rather than something intended for Paris Hilton (or in the case of her Globes dress, a handkerchief Dumbledore had bought for Hagrid). It’s tacky in a Tribute To Siegfried and Roy kind of way, which is not ideal, but also at least fun, as opposed to this:

THAT is tacky in a “Stella McCartney and Elie Saab go out and eat together at the International House of Boobcakes and someone drugs the strawberry syrup and then they wake up chained to a radiator having co-designed this in a drugged-up funk and their captor is laughing maniacally over a loudspeaker” kind of way. And then Paula paired it with a really poor shoe choice, so WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, EVIL RASCAL.

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