There is something terribly awesome about the fact that Kate and Helen both went with slinky black gowns that had gold accents, and both of them completely kicked red-carpet derriere without detracting from each other.

I love this, even with the whiff of danger that it’s going to turn on her and crush her larynx. That actually feels like a movie — some cross between Speed and Indiana Jones wherein Harrison Ford and his OTHER, better son, played by Ryan Gosling, has to rescue Ms. Hudson from the ancient Egyptian fashion curse that she activated by plucking this dress from what she thought was a novelty King Tut bin, and whch will end in this choking her before the clock strikes twelve. And because I would totally go see that movie, I still like the dress.

That Helen Mirren is in the same post as Kate Hudson and will not suffer by comparison is a testament to her greatness.

I love you, Helen. You have no right to give us THIS MUCH hope for our futures, and yet, I thank you for doing it.

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