Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been gazing upon Gucci’s ruffles and bows for an eternity now? Starting almost exactly a year ago we got Nicole Kidman’s clown ruffles that evoke Zoe’s dress, and Dakota Johnson’s version with a bow; over the weekend, Emma Stone had on a black one with some silver hardware at her neck. I thought that would be the A to Z of it all, but then we got these two ladies on the red carpet.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe’s is a gentler evolution of Kidman’s. I don’t mind the color scheme on it, but I wonder if this could’ve worked with a different shade of ribbon. I get the idea of not wanting it to whack us over the head, but in a weird way its tepid mauveness is just as jarring as a bright one would have been; that said, I’m not sure what other hue you could do without it being a screeching eyesore. Maybe a proper metallic gold? Sequined or shiny? Or perhaps she could just steal Felicity’s.

Felicity Jones

Because that ribbon plays like an afterthought that someone glued there at the last second as a stab at cohesiveness. Although I keep oddly mistaking it for a fig leaf, when it catches the corner of my eye, and it’s very distracting with everything happening above it. Do we think someone at the Atelier grabbed an HP Touchpad Doodling Thingamy and poisoned the bodice by scribbling a bunch of black doodles over it? I’m giving the nod here to Zoe, because I think it works better, but also because I am not going to cross so cunning a saboteur.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]