This dress is one of the few shoulder cut-out gowns that doesn’t make the wearer look slouchy and slumpy. I’m sure part of that is because Christian very much knows what he’s doing, but let’s be honest: A lot of it might be that Angela Bassett cannot be made slouchy nor slumpy, because she is Angela Effing Bassett, and if that is not her middle name, she should consider changing it.

Angela Bassett

See? Even when she’s slouching for comedic effect, she looks perfect. And I love her for going strong on the color, on a night where — at least in my admittedly scrambled memory at this point — it doesn’t feel like terribly many people rolled the dice on that.

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

Further, let us mention that Courtney B. Vance has impeccable taste in both real and pretend life: His TV wife from The People vs. OJ Simpson, Keesha Sharp, is currently kicking ass with whatever she’s given as Mrs. Murtaugh on Lethal Weapon and I sincerely love her on it (I know, I know, their Riggs looks like he needs a lye bath almost all the time, but the show kind of owns that and is surprisingly charming, DON’T JUDGE), and his real-life wife is Angela Bassett. What lottery did he win, and how did he pick his numbers? Any tips, sir?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]