The Vogue piece about this show was quite interesting. It talks about how Versace, feeling the need to compete in the Coveted Logowear Division alongside Louis Vuitton and Gucci and Chanels of the world, is launching a monogram of its own — though I don’t know if it can really be called a monogram, as it doesn’t seem to involve a V — called La Greca, “a version of the brand’s heritage Greek Key pattern turned trompe l’oeil.” But it’s also a big part of trying to establish a brand identity now that it’s owned by a large corporation:

It enters into the ongoing transformation of Versace from family-driven business into super brand, staged by Capri Holdings, which bought the company in 2018. A year before that, Donatella Versace had re-embraced the power prints of her brand’s early-’90s heyday to great success.

Keeping things pattern-oriented, the new monogram extends that arm, but it remains to be seen if those who identify with Versace will welcome it like they did those authentic reissued prints—and invest in single Vs rather than LVs. As the show’s casting suggested—a mix of top models diverse in every way, branded head to toe in the Versace emblem—the house is targeting the new youth with their values of empowerment, emancipation, and, indeed, authenticity. When it comes to getting young people to wear your monograms, a tribal symbol of belonging, the latter is key. Under Donatella’s reign, Versace’s authenticity has manifested in her personal story. The family values of Versace are well-documented beyond the borders of fashion, in TV series and film. It’s the brand’s unique selling point, part of the reason Donatella’s once-reluctant decision to revisit those ’90s prints paid off, with both the company and retailers continuing to report growth.

Now, Versace’s challenge is to translate that family soul into an ever-growing super brand, without looking too corporate.

Also, yes, Gigi Hadid is back on a runway after having her baby. She opened and closed the show. I don’t have a ton of styling recommendations because this really does feel like an audition for this pattern/monogram/logo/whatever, and accordingly, it’s very, “LOOK AT ALL THE WAYS WE CAN USE IT!” What do you you think? TO THE PHOTOS.

[Photos: Imaxtree]