There’s a graphic novel series about a fashion blogger with terrible allergies? Is this about ME? No, it’s not — but there’s quite a good interview with Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator (he did Scott Pilgrim) and Leslie Hung, the artist, at Publishers Weekly about today’s GFY giveaway.

The Amazon descriptor is vague, but School Library Journal has our collective backs in wondering…what is SNOTGIRL?

A fabulous, if slightly gross, first foray into single-issue comics for indie comics veteran O’Malley (of “Scott Pilgrim” fame). Snot Girl is Lottie Person, a green-haired, allergy-prone fashion blogger who floats between her less-than-pleasant real life and a sparkly, stylish, Instagram-filtered dream. Adding to the cognitive dissonance are an increasingly strange series of encounters. There’s a gruesome incident in a club bathroom…or is there? Lottie has a stalker…or does she? O’Malley builds anticipation and heightens tension in these first five issues—each apparent explanation only deepens the mystery of Snot Girl’s increasingly dark reality. Though the tension between reality and Lottie’s online persona, which drives the story, needs further exploration, Hung’s simultaneously sexy, sweet, slimy, and occasionally sinister illustrations, heavy with character close-ups and dramatic stares, are compelling. The hard-hitting world of fashion bloggers involves a moderate amount of sex, substance use, and salty language, making this selection best for mature teens.

Salty language! I’m in. SNOTGIRL 2 comes out this week, and its publisher has given us three copies of the first installment to give away.

THE TASK:  I’ll be picking the winners at random, but to keep it fun, please comment and tell us your favorite graphic novel. (I am not a graphic novel reader myself, so this will be interesting for me!)

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