So excited to be giving this away — author Daisy Bateman is a Fug National, and doesn’t her new cozy mystery (out today!) sound like a treat?

If you had asked computer programmer Claudia Simcoe what she expected to come of her leaving San Francisco for the California coast to open a farm-to-table marketplace, “assembles a mismatched team to investigate a murder” would not have been her first guess.

Lori Roth is one of the tenants of the market, or she had been until Claudia learned that the hands making her “hand-dyed” textiles belong to overseas factory workers. Claudia terminates Lori’s lease, but her hopes that this will be the last she sees of her problem tenant are dashed when she arrives at the marketplace the next morning to find Lori dead, hit over the head with a jar of pickles and strangled with a cheese wire.

The police chief thinks Claudia looks like an easy pick to be the killer, and he closes the marketplace to put the pressure on her. So, Claudia has no choice but to solve the mystery herself. Relying on the tech skills from her previous life and some help from her quirky new friends, Claudia races to save her business and herself before the killer adds her to the region’s local, artisanal murders.

THE TASK:  We have five — signed! — copies to give away, and as usual, I’ll be picking the winner at random. And Daisy herself came up with the giveaway prompt here, and I LOVE it. “I don’t know if you’re taking suggestions for the comment theme,” she wrote me, “but I was thinking that since the book is about local foods, maybe people could recommend their favorite artisan producers? (Especially if they ship.) I know a lot of those places are having a tough time right now, and I’m always looking for leads on new cheeses.” Aren’t we all? Have at it!

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