I always thought Smash should’ve made Megan Hilty a bigger star (in non-Broadway cities, that is), and the tidbit in Kate Aurthur’s story about the show’s downfall that Spielberg wanted to get rid of Megan was mind-boggling. Like, did he not watch or hear any of the episodes? She was the spark.

Anyway, now that it’s over, Hilty is starting to make the rounds at other events. Which means it’s time to find a new stylist, or at least bump this one down to Defcon 2:

She needs to reconsider the leg bronzer, because her lower half looks like an Easter egg that sat in the PAAS for too long. This look has THREE dueling flesh tones: Her gams, her arms/face, and the beige part of the bodice, which itself is too negligee-adjacent for me to think it’s as young and cute as she deserves it to be.

However, this has grown on me over time. Specifically, ever since I saw the one I’m about to show you, which WHAT:

First, her hairstyling here just aged her ten years. As for the rest of it… look, I have no patience or room in my life for the Real Housewives, so I really, really don’t like that Megan Hilty is being dressed like one of the lesser ones.

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