Do you like royal weddings? We had A LOT of royal wedding coverage today, as Princess Eugenie got married. You can find it all here. Heather and I got up at 1:30am, so….who even knows what I am typing right now.

Also: Are you into loafers? We picked some cute ones for you.

Also also: The American Music Awards were this week, and we had full coverage.

Elle wonders…How to Fix Fashion. 

You’ll enjoy this at Broadly: How to Travel Like Your Private Jet Is in the Shop

This piece about Justin Timberlake’s upcoming autobiography is VERY amusing. [The Guardian]

This was great, at Texas Monthly:  ‘Dallas’ at 40: The Inside Story Behind the Show That Changed Texas Forever

At Lainey: Apparently, Josh Radnor is playing Meredith Grey’s love interest on Grey’s this season and I HAVE NOTES.

This was lovely, at Real Simple: The Surprising Comfort I Get From Living in a Haunted House

Do you need a good laugh? Read this Twitter thread. Trust me.

Also at Lainey, the theme for the 2019 Met Gala has been announced and it should be INTERESTING.

At LA Taco:  The True Story of How National Taco Day Was Invented — Then Appropriated 

At Vulture: The Story Behind the Friends Classic, ‘The One With the Embryos’

At Thrive: Does Dress for the Job You Want Still Hold Up?

Over at The Mary Sue: I Love Lady Gaga, but I Do NOT Want Her Playing Ursula in the Little Mermaid Remake. Agreed.

The Goods does good work: The long, long history of long, long CVS receipts.

At Pajiba, I laughed at and agreed with this headline: Ryan Adams Is Being a Petty Wanker About His Marriage to Mandy Moore

At Celebitchy, ROMANTICAL GOSSIP. Channing Tatum is apparently dating British singer Jessie J. I will accept everyone’s thanks for teaching them who Jessie J is….NOW.

At Harper’s Bazaar: Get Acquainted with the Gorgeous Wedding Gowns of America’s Wealthiest Families. If you insist!