Well…we’re coming off another highly fraught and stressful week to be alive in the world and I hope you and yours are doing okay. Once again, I aim to provide you with something pleasantly distracting to close out your Friday.

Over at Drinks With Broads, much is afoot: First of all, to mark our having written 100 newsletters (since February!), we’re giving away three free year-long subscriptions. I’ll be notifying the winners on Monday, so there’s still time to get in there. The details live in this post (which also covers the Architectural Digest curse, some insane gift guide action, and Milwaukee’s delightful Bobblehead Museum gift shop). On Thursday, paid subscribers got our take on the new Frasier, I manifest a Last Dance/RHoM crossover event, and we all started brainstorming which celebs should have a gift guide.

Looking for our recaps of The Gilded Age? The first one is up at Drinks With Broads for paid subscribers and I have THOUGHTS!

I enjoyed this at Lainey: Taylor & Travis: The Rom-Com Suspense. I wonder if Taylor’s going to be in Germany for the Chiefs’ game this weekend. I bet on yes. (I also need Patrick Mahomes, my fantasy quarterback, to PULL IT TOGETHER!!! I only get 6 points from him last week!)

Bon Appetit rounds up The 50 Best Bars in the World in 2023. Have you been to any of them?

Useful, at WaPo: A guide to canned tomatoes. [gifted link]

I do love a list: I just stumbled on Condé Nast Traveler’s round-up of the Best New Affordable Hotels in the World and I also want to know if you’ve been to any of them!

Perhaps you too need to see Keanu Reeves being handsome and normal. [Lainey]

We were delighted to be interviewed by Kim France for her great SubStack, Girls of a Certain Age, today!!

Really interesting, at Variety: “Crisis at Marvel: Jonathan Majors Back-Up Plans, ‘The Marvels’ Reshoots, Reviving Original Avengers and More Issues Revealed.” I’ve long agreed that making the MCU SO intertwined was eventually going to bite them in the ass. You need to make movies that people can dip into on a whim! I am watching so much Real Housewives, I cannot keep up with everything!

The NYT asks, “How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?” and I say, LEAVE ME ALONE. [gifted link]

It looks like Banana Republic is having a 40% off sale and I wish I didn’t know that! I love this sweater. [affiliate link]

I clicked on this story SO QUICKLY: When Cheese Can Tell the Future. [Eater]

I’m obsessed with this story: Pig named Kevin Bacon returns home after 17 days on the loose. [Socialite Life]

Slate reports: “Multiple teams have recently credited Creed with their recent winning streaks. Is it a coincidence, or is the aging butt-rock band really taking them higher?

My boyfriend and I were literally just talking about this, it’s like Town & Country were eavesdropping: Everything We Know About The White Lotus Season 3.

Related, Pajiba runs down What’s Happening Over on HBO in 2024?

It’s the Sephora sale! I rounded up some good stuff but always want to know what you bought!

We had some great chats here at GFY this week: I LOVED reading the comments here, where folks shared the best advice they ever got. We also celebrated Halloween by talking about all time best costumes, and our ride-or-die candy.

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