Happy New Year! I hope your break, if you got one, was peaceful and fantastic. Especially because THE GOLDEN GLOBES ARE SUNDAAAAAY.

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Robin Givhan wrote a piece for the Washington Post about the new congressional class of 2019 and it’s quite brilliant, as you would expect from her. (We wrote a similar piece for WaPo — I don’t think it’s online yet, but I’ll update this when it is — that we were working on simultaneously and when hers came out [before ours], I was like, “maybe we’ll just edit this one to say, “What Robin said.”) [EDIT: Here is our piece! We’re very excited to have opened 2019 in the Washington Post.]

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OMG WHAT IS THIS COAT ON KATY PERRY? She looks like Little Edie but also I sort of like it? I also love Lainey’s suggestion about a TV show about packing logistics for celebrities. Someone, please get on that. [Lainey]

Do you need some cute new sneakers? We rounded some up!

This is great, at The Guardian: The incredible story of Pita Taufatofua, Tonga’s shirtless Olympic flag bearer

Also at Lainey, I don’t know about you, but Michael B Jordan is REALLY selling me on these bags.

This is so good, at the New York Times: These 4 New Yorkers Are Experts in Living. What Do They Know That We Don’t? The lede is: “In 2015, we began following six people over age 85. Last year the four remaining showed that old age is not what you think.”

At The Atlantic: The Best Skin-Care Trick Is Being Rich

Jada Yuan — who, full disclosure, I know and I love because we worked with her at New York back in the day; she once yelled at a person who was trying to steal my seat at Anna Sui! — just completed a full year of traveling for the New York Times. She visited 52 places. Here’s what she learned. (This piece is so great.)

At the Mary Sue, I learned that Johnny Depp is OUT of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That’s a good call, although I’d also note that perhaps we don’t need any more of those movies at all?

Vanity Fair has a really interesting piece here:  Does Peak TV Have a Sex-Scene Problem?

Town & Country takes a long look at our beloved Olivia Colman.

At Pajiba: We’re Pumped For These 2019 Movies Directed By Women. It’s TRUE.

At Smithsonian: In Praise of Parasites.

At Vulture: 71 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to See in 2019. This feels like too many shows.

At Celebitchy: Wow, the Academy still isn’t close to naming a replacement host for the Oscars. This is mildly bonkers and also a fascinating piece to me — they clearly picked Kevin Hart in haste (as they named him like 20 hours after Deadline ran a big story about how no one wanted to host the Oscars), and now they’re flailing. Y’all don’t even NEED a host.

At Atlas Obscura: Help Us Identify the World’s Greatest Local Mascots. A worthy cause!