Hello! This time last year, I ran a piece about cute workout clothes, but this year, I thought, “let’s just dispense with the fiction and focus on THE SHOES.”  As you know, I love a cute sneaker. Meghan Markle forced me to buy these Veja shoes earlier this year, for example. (I like them, but the tongue is REALLY long on them; I had to trim them down because it was cutting into my ankle. YMMV.) I am a big fan of these M.Gemi slip-ons. I also own and love these — they’re very AIRY, which is nice? ut can a woman REALLY own TOO MANY cute flat sneakers that you might wear out to run errands? She cannot.

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all shoes were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking water and watching Dirty John.