Happy weekend, everyone! Here’s some stuff to read.

This is an amazing and fascinating story at the New York Times: To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

This is a really neat look behind the scenes at the new Costume Institute Archive at the Met. [Vogue]

At Lainey: I am similarly irritated about this new Ghostbusters news. Also — can we just leave old properties alone?! Jesus. There are a ton of writers writing new shit. I know this stuff makes money, and that’s why studios do it, but it’s also boring.

Sonia Saraiya spent some time with Michelle Yeoh for Vanity Fair. She’s rad.

The New York Times covers The Game-Changing Women of the N.F.L.. 

I enjoyed this, at Slate: Why Is All of New Zealand Obsessed With This Drunken, Littering, Rowdy Tourist Family?

Vulture wonders: How Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody Became This Year’s Oscar Villains

Interesting, at The Goods: How the Great Recession influenced a decade of design

At The New York Times, good news for RiRi: Rihanna and LVMH Make a Deal and, Possibly, History

This was amazingly interesting, at Pajiba: The Empty Mason Jar of the Influencer Economy: The Case of Caroline Calloway and her Creativity Workshop Tour

At The Mary Sue: They’re ALSO remaking Hunchback of Notre Dame? GOD.

At Celebitchy: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarznegger are engaged. This means nothing, but I interviewed her at Fashion Week and she was very thoughtful and nice.

At The Ringer:  Marc Summers and the Never-ending Obstacle Course

And, finally, again at the New York Times — guess I spent a lot of time on the NYT this week! — I’m just going to leave you with the intro to this piece: “The Grolier Club, the nation’s oldest society of bibliophiles, just celebrated the centennial of its grand Manhattan home. Yes, there’s a secret staircase hidden in a bookshelf. No, do not use gloves in its library.”