Happy weekend, readers, and also HAPPY OLYMPICS!

Speaking of, Elle is already on the case of Hot Olympians — as, never fear, will we be.

This is a great piece at QZ about the figure-skating costumes of the last 100 years.

Have you read that Vulture interview with Quincy Jones? You really, REALLY should.

At The Atlantic: WWI’s Zeppelin Bombings Popularized the Trend of ‘Pyjamas’

At Lainey: Apparently, Scott Speedman is joining Grey’s Anatomy, which means I guess I really AM coming back to Grey’s.

Also at Lainey, I thought this piece about the new Natalie Portman movie, Annihilation, was very interesting.

This is really good, at Gizmodo: The House That Spied On Me. A taste: “Thanks to the Internet of Things, I could live in my very own tech-mediated Downton Abbey. That’s the appeal of smart homes for most people, and why they are supposed to be a $27 billion market by 2021. But that wasn’t my primary motivation. The reason I smartened up my house was to find out whether it would betray me.”

Speaking of houses, at Atlas Obscura: Demystifying the Winchester Mystery House

This Hollywood Reporter piece about Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra is a real ride.

At Pajiba: From Tom to Jamie: The Celebrity Love Lives of Katie Holmes

At last! At Town & Country: The Return of the Fashion Eccentric

Per Revelist:“People are using the Aztec clay acne mask on their hair — I tried it”. That mask is amazing. It’s very inexpensive and it lasts forEVER.

At Celebitchy: So, it really does seem like Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift broke up, right? It really kinda does.

Very relevant to our interests at Refinery29: Here’s Which Masks You Should Be Using During Certain TV Shows

Speaking of, news was can use at Observer: This Is the Brand Behind the Iconic Earrings on ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Scandal

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