Hope you and yours are hanging in there okay. Here’s some stuff to read!

We had a cozy and wholesome chat about our favorite traditions.

We also discussed our favorite philanthropic organizations on Giving Tuesday!

Well, big news: Austrian village of Fucking to be renamed Fugging. I guess we’re moving to Austria!!! All my knowledge of Austria comes from The Sound of Music, but I’m sure I shall acclimate quickly. [Politico]

This is so thoughtful and good: Say Hello to Elliot Page. [Lainey]

This NYT piece is amazing: The Social Life of Forests

Really good, at the LA Times: American pandemic: A preacher, a nurse and a firefighter take on the coronavirus

I LOVE THIS INTEL: George Clooney and his Flowbee [Lainey]

Good question: Is This Hotel’s Giant Tampon Portrait Of RBG Progressive Or Pandering? [Betches]

Speaking of RBG, this was truly great, from her granddaughter: The Lessons I Learned From My Bubbie, RBG [Harper’s Bazaar]

Very interesting, at Vulture: A Star (in Quar) Is Born: In the absence of everything that makes a star, Ana de Armas has still managed to become one this year.

They used to play for packed houses eight times a week. Now they’re just doing all they can to get through this pandemic. Slate spoke to 10 people who help make Hadestown to tell the story of the day it all came to a halt, how their lives have changed, and what it will take to safely bring theater back to the Theater District.” Really good.

Over at Celebitchy: Glenn Close didn’t think that Gwyneth Paltrow should have won her Best Actress Oscar. (I actually think Goop is great in Shakespeare in Love, but I understand this is controversial).

I love this headline, and I agree: Hear Me Out: The World Needs Himbo Merman Ken.[Pajiba]

This was fun if you missed it: Courteney Cox recreates Friends turkey head dance. [Socialite Life]

Speaking of turkeys, this is amazing: ‘All we could do was run’: the strange story of Gerald, the turkey who terrorized a city. [The Guardian]

Do I need to make A Snacking Cake? I feel like yes. [Cup of Jo]

Vox reports that folks are getting FESTIVE!!! this holiday season: Decking the halls for pandemic Christmas. 

Really pleased to see The Heir Affair on Oprah Magazine’s list of the Best Romance Novels of the Year, with 41 other really great books. We are also one of Kobo’s 20 Best Romances of the Year. I am biased, but I DO think it would be a lovely gift for many people on your list. (You can bundle it with The Royal We and it’s a Gift Pack!) If you’re ordering books for gifts, you probably are doing it now, so FYI, you can get it at your local indie, or at:


Obviously, at Amazon. (Amazon currently has a $4.90 coupon for it.)

Certainly, at Barnes & Noble

For our Canadian friends, at Chapters/Indigo

Yes, also at Books-a-Million!

How about  Walmart?