Remember back when Alexa Chung was an It Girl, and she had so many TV shows in the works that she was under a gag order and couldn’t even DISCUSS them?

Alexa Chung

This look on her face says, to me, “I cannot believe I am now the face of a nail polish. What happened?”

Let’s look at the full outfit, before we get into the nails:

That entire ensemble is a little something I like to call “hilarrible” (also our nickname for the current Mrs. Baldwin, which is either a long or a short story depending on your impression of her). I will give Alexa this: She looks tall. But maybe that’ because she also looks like she is wearing an outfit that was originally intended for Bette Midler.

But, you ask, what is Nails Inc.: The Alexa Editions? The long answer is, textured and “fabric-inspired” nail polishes and finishes.

The short answer is, manicures meet Wheel of Fortune.

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