This week has been insane. Read these, while I take a bath in wine:

IMPORTANT if you love A DEAL and BRITISH PRINCES and LOVE and PROBLEMS:  The Royal We is currently a mere $3.99 on Kindle and YOU NEED IT if you haven’t read it yet. Don’t you think? I do. I might be biased?

Vanity Fair wonders, What Happens When Someone Leaves Millions to a Pet?

– Lainey talks about how Beyonce basically never speaks to the press anymore.

– Grantland’s tennis coverage is awesome, as ever. Read this: Mixed Troubles: Falling in Love With Nick Kyrgios and Genie Bouchard at the U.S. Open

Grace Jones has a book coming out! (Celebitchy)

– Girls of a Certain Age is discussing a topic near and dear to my heart. WEEKEND BAGS.

– This app is amazing. Over at Cosmo: This App Can Help a Friend Virtually “Walk You Home” Late at Night

– I’ll just leave this here: Tom Hiddleston Does a Helluva Great Hank Williams’ Impression (Pajiba)

– At Vulture: 39 Comedians and Comic Actors Recall Their Favorite Key & Peele Sketches

– This week’s recipe is a cocktail WITH COFFEE IN IT YES:  The Black Hole Sun Cocktail (Imbibe)

– Speaking of, at Flavorwire: Drink and Magic Your Troubles Away at Toronto’s New ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Bar

– And, at The Toast: An Ode to Dana Scully