Here’s to a cozy weekend, friends! Do you want to spend it wrapped in a new robe? Because I rounded up a bunch of them for you! We also had a fruitful chat about what we’re all reading!

Angela Lansbury died this week at the grand age of 96, and it turns out we here at GFY have a wealth of Angela Lansbury content — primarily this fun retrospective I wrote for her 95th birthday, and our coverage of her 1949 wedding (which has video!). There’s also a history of her at the Tonys, which includes a video of her performing with Bea Arthur, and a flashback to the premiere of La Cage Aux Folles, which is not as noteworthy for her participation necessarily but is a wild ride overall.

Related:  Angela Lansbury once rescued her daughter from Charles Manson’s clutches. [AV Club]

Really well done package here: “In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Cosmopolitan and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund have identified five races that have the greatest potential to impact reproductive freedom across the country.”

This is a pretty amazing turn of events: Baltimore Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Adnan Syed. [NYT]

UGH I feel this DEEPLY: The Devil in the White City is my white whale. [Lainey]

A fascinating piece: “Jerry and Rita Alter were New York City retirees who traveled the world. A stolen painting worth over $100 million was found behind their bedroom door.” [AZ Central]

I suspect many of us are going to buy this: Paul Newman Reveals How Wife Joanne Woodward Made Him a ‘Sexual Creature’ in New Posthumous Memoir. [People]

This reads like a Mad Lib to me: Tom Brady is joining LeBron James in the Major League Pickleball craze. (Is pickleball fun?) [Fortune]

This is exciting! We’re getting a sequel to The Joy Luck Club! [Lainey]

Fun and interesting and spooky, at Curbed: I Brought a Medium to Gracie Mansion. (One of the ghosts is mad that she died before she could throw any parties there; others weighed in on the decor.)

This is a good piece: How Brad Pitt is Trying to PR Spin His Way Out of Abuse Allegations [Pajiba]

At least this is fun: Christopher Meloni: ‘I’m 61-years-old and a zaddy. The lucky streak continues’ [Celebitchy]

I would be in big trouble if this happened: America’s gourd addiction: Why President Biden must mandate a one-gourd-per-household rule. [USA Today]

DELIGHTFUL, for spooky season: What Elvira Can’t Live Without.  Am I gonna buy toilet cleaner because Elvira told me to? Probably. [The Strategist]

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