– You’re going to enjoy Benderplants Cumbylarks doing 11 imitations of other celebs in one minute (some of them MUCH better than others). (Vulture)

Mr Darcy’s house is for sale! By which I mean, the house that Pemberley was based on. And it’s ONLY 11 million dollars! (Because it needs….forty-two million dollars worth of repairs.) Regardless, let’s Kickstart this thing and make it Fug HQ. As Curbed points out, THERE’S A BEAR PIT. (In all seriousness, I hope someone terrifically rich and historically-sensitive buys it and somehow makes a go of it, although it’s going to be a challenge. We’re up to it, right?)

– Let’s give it up for Carmelo Anthony’s post-game hat game. (WSJ)

– Let’s talk about what’s happening with R Pattz’s hair cut? (I assume it HAS to be for a role? It amuses me anyway.) (Glamour)

– The Cut just wrote a whole big old slideshow OF COATS. COATS.

– Over at Girls of a Certain Age, everyone is discussing their first crazy splurge purchase.

The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is upon us. I continue to have doubts, although I think it’s better than the first one. He is extremely hot, and I really like her, so I’m sort of hoping this whole thing is quickly forgotten for everyone’s good fortune, because I just don’t see a way where it isn’t…cheesy, I guess? (Lainey)

– Speaking of, I’ve been waiting for a moment to link to Jamie Dornan on Graham Norton. He is flat-out so charming and funny in this clip. (YouTube)

Let’s read about The History of The Spectacle! Many of us would be blind without them, and I, at least, would also miss being able to rip off my reading glasses in a rage for dramatic effect on occasion. (All Things Georgian)

– Pajiba’s take on GOOP’s Gift Guide pleases me. Y’all, she included A FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR GOLD JUICER. Look, I love the occasional High Priced Item on a gift list, as is born out by OUR gift guides yearly, but even MC Hammer would look at a five thousand dollar gold juicer and be nice, “dude, get a hold of yourself.”

– Let’s handicap which dude we think is going to take the People’s Sexiest Man Alive crown (we find out next week). Celebitchy has NPH and Chris Pratt as front-runners, and I have to say, I think Pratt is a VERY strong call. (Although NPH would be awesome.)

– This just made me giggle, on Jezebel: The New York Times Needs to Correct Its Correction About Good Burger

– Look at all these giant indie bookstores! BOOOOOOKS. (Traveller)

– Speaking of books, the New York Times has this great piece about an upcoming Christie’s Auction. To quote: On December 2, Christie’s will auction 75 first-edition books, each of which is a unique object that has been annotated with words and/or illustrations by its author. You can see them all in the NYT’s infographic. It’s really neat.